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Book Launch

The Haward Gallery, 4th July, 2024
RAW Contemporary which is a recent development and a sister operation to RAW Modern focuses on 21st-century artists, especially within the LGBTQIA+ community and work that challenges preconceptions of heteronormative sexuality and the stigma that shapes sexual representations. For our very first year, we chose to sponsor artist Anna Sampson (b.1993). Anna is an autodidactic, photographic artist who shoots and prints exclusively on film and Polaroid. Anna’s work is heavily informed by intersectional feminism – specifically the intersection of gender and sexuality with race, class and the politics of the personal – and is further supported by academic inquiry. Her debut book Other Intimacies (2024) explores the boundaries of erotica as a genre, reclaiming it from the oppressive heritage of the male gaze prevalent in the 20th century. It also shines a spotlight on the themes which largely remain in the shadows in contemporary society: queer desire and intimacy, subversive exploration of gender, the politics of sexual autonomy, sex work and the unapologetic, embodied exploration of self. It is printed in a limited edition of 300 and features a manifesto and written contributions by key figures Vex Ashley, Anastasiia Fedorova, Max Disgrace, Jay They Stallion and has an endorsement from pioneering queer artist Ajamu X.
 By launching this important project, RAW hopes to gain visibility as a charity that will unapologetically support radical and forward-thinking work and hopes to continue doing this on a yearly basis through our sponsorship program. We are extremely proud to have played an important role in bringing this project to life and feel deeply honoured to be launching this courageous body of work in collaboration with The Hayward Gallery
Other Intimacies by Anna Sampson, published by RAW (2024)
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