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Interview with Jeweller Amy Rodriguez

Can you introduce yourself in one short paragraph?

I’m a half-spanish, half-english artist, living in London but spiritually nestled between the Iberian Mediterranean and the Cornish Atlantic. I make unorthodox metal sculptures that transcend conventional understandings of jewellery. 

How did you become a jewellery/designer?

I grew up in an alternative setting allowing me to explore hands-on making and the captivating world of ancient crafts. Having first started working with metal at 14 years old, I developed a deep relationship with foundries and the art of sculpture. This evolved into the detailed silver jewellery I make today.

What materials do you like working with the most? Why?

Out of all of the metals I have worked with, these days I primarily work with silver. The way that silver melts according to how you delicately feed it heat fascinates me, the textures and forms that can be created when you’ve developed a relationship with the metal are truly unique and magical. 

Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my natural surroundings and my fantasies, I’m often in a dreamlike state, transfixing on nature’s forms as a way of breaking from reality. I also am influenced by and built a lot of technical knowledge from ancient Egyptian and Berber designs.

Can you tell us about a collection/collaboration you are particularly proud of?

In the past 2 years I’ve worked on making many custom pieces for Yves Tumour for some of their shows and album covers. The collection I made for their album cover The Asymptotical World are some of my favourite.

Yves Tudor Collection
What upcoming projects do you have?

I am currently working on a collaborative project of wearable armour with Henry Stringer, a friend who makes incredible large-scale sculptures. We’re on prototypes at the moment but the project is fulfilling my long-awaited desire to work on bigger pieces again.