Rediscovering Art by Women

Rediscovering Art by Women


The RAW collection of paintings and sculptures by 20th century women and gender non-conforming artists, with a particular focus on Surrealism, has been assembled over the past 30-years. Research on the artworks is ongoing and RAW welcomes new information on artists and individual works. Artworks from the RAW collection have been loaned to museums and galleries worldwide. Please get in touch if you would like information about borrowing any of these works.

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Valentine Henriette Prax - La Noce

La Noce

Tirzah Garwood Ravilious - The Crocodile

The Crocodile

Tirzah Garwood Ravilious - The Dog Show

The Dog Show

Mary Beth Edelson - Patriachal Piss Swing in the Wind

Patriarchal Piss: Swing in the Wind

Mary Beth Edelson - Lotus Mountain

Lotus Mountain

Colette Guedon - Buste feminin aux deux oiseaux

Buste Féminin aux Deux Oiseaux

Marion Adnams - Medusa Grown Old

Medusa Grown Old

Frances Richards - Girl in a Garden

Girl in a Garden

Rachel Reckitt - Matador


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